elcome to my web résumé page where I hope to show you my range of skills that I have developed over a number of years, following my graduation from college with a bachelors degree in Business Administration. I have acquired a broad range of management skills, with expertise in hotel management, marketing management, print and web publishing and call center management.

Although my front page highlights my web and print design skills, if you follow my links you will discover I am also adept at developing excel spreadsheets for analysis and training of multiple teams, as well as being able to write across multiple disciplines.

My writing samples highlight three areas where I have developed expertise: medicine, credit and satire. My spreadsheet samples are simple and straightforward but display tools that are important for tracking metrics for multiple call center teams and providing a training regimen for individual associates.

The "web interests" navigation link demonstrate my interest in a wide variety of technology links on the web. This web page itself highlights my range of html and css skills, incorporating some interesting navigation and design facets while remaining straightforward and easy to use.

spreadsheet development

Having worked on spreadsheet development for more than ten years, I am able to produce a wide range of useful tools for performance measurement. Using a combination of lookups, array statements and "if" statements produces a wide range of monitoring and training aids.

The team performance spreadsheet highlights the efforts of a single call-center team to-date. It allows call center reps to gauge their performance against team averages and expected performance. The spreadsheet is derived from a text file which itself was created by screen capture of a proprietary collections software report... MORE

spreadsheet 1

team performance

web design

My designs place emphasis on interesting and vibrant color combinations and ease of navigation. As with this web page you are reading, these designs incorporate interesting design elements such as automatic date and calendar changes, drop-down navigation with multiple sized columns, forms, and rotating photos.

Xhydrojet has been involved in the development of the hydro jetpack, an attachment for jet skis that allows the operator to fly suspended from powerful water jets. The company has marketing rights in North and South America.

hydro united


Hydro United Ltd.

Webyellowpage is my personal web directory with links to websites that I access frequently. It's like having a personal portal to the web with links to science, sports, design, entertainment, health and other major web pages.

mike's yellowpage

mike's web directory

Mike's private web portal


Here are two designs with varying navigation options and interesting use of "whitespace" and photo elements that create a pleasing aesthetic.

Ichmael is a recording artist who writes and produces his own music. His specialty is roots rock reggae tinged with religious significance. He is working on his fourth album in Miami and Jamaica and will tour in europe in 2014.

ichmael music

ichmael music

Ichmael Music

Jetskitech was built for a start-up engine builder and racing shop specializing in Seadoo boats. The client will be offering repair and modification services to a national market and will also target the high-end yacht market in the Caribbean.



Jetski Tech

print design

I have developed extensive publishing experience having spent ten years in the field developing my own titles and consulting for outside clients. I have worked on a wide range of monthly and quarterly magazines and newsletters and developed a prototype for a national magazine aimed at the personal relationships market.

The Jamaica Architect is a quarterly publication of the Jamaica Architects Association and serves as a major fund-raising vehicle for the group. It highlights local projects and international areas of expertise.

jamaica architect

Jamaica Architect

The Builder is a monthly publication aimed at the construction industry. An in-house project, it maintained profitability from the first issue till it's discontinuation after eight successful years and 96 issues.

the builder

The Builder

Samples of my interest in performance analysis and training... FOLLOW

Samples of my interest in landscape photography... FOLLOW

Samples of my interest in automotive photography ... FOLLOW

Samples of my interest in construction photography... FOLLOW


Medicine: Cocaine addiction FOLLOW
Credit: How to buy a car FOLLOW
Satire: Tip of the spear FOLLOW

Formal Training

  • Bsc. Business Administration
  • HTML 3.2

Industry experience

  • hotel management
  • marketing management
  • publishing/web design
  • call center management
mike mcfarlane's resume